Accessible Hikes from Denver, Colorado


A GUEST POST BY: Rachel Kamm


  • Rachel is one of my best friends from college and has moved to Denver within the last couple years to explore her passions! It only made sense to ask her if she would enjoy writing a post about her newfound home to share with you guys! Rach did not hesitate for one second! She had the post to me within a few days and it is beautiful! Please take the time to read, and maybe one day visit the hikes she shares!





1. Mt. Sanitas Trail - Boulder, CO


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Distance from Denver:About 45 minutes

Best used from May to September

Why I love it:In the foothills of Boulder, CO, the Mt. Sanitas trail it is great for all skill levels as it offers many different outlets for hikes and views around the Sanitas Valley. Be wary that the trail up to Mt. Sanitas is a moderate difficulty level, with steep uphills and large rocks to maneuver as you get closer to the top. Upon summiting, however, you get incredible views of the Rocky Mountains to the West and the city of Boulder to the East. The boulders at the top provide a place to rest and share a snack while soaking up the sounds of nature. With views of all horizons, it isn’t surprising that this hike is most popular at sunrise and sunset.



2. Devil’s Head Trail - Sedalia, CO




Distance from Denver: About an hour and a half

Best used from May to September

Why I love it:This is a popular hike southwest of the Denver area that offers stunning panoramic views of the plains and Rocky Mountains which are seen after climbing steps up to the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout. The Fire Lookout is the only operational fire lookout in the state of Colorado and is over 100 years old, though the current structure was built in 1951. Aspen trees line the start of the trail which are magical to watch change in fall. Lots of fallen boulders can be found along the trail to climb and play on. Great for early morning photography as you watch the sun highlight the mountains in all their splendor!




3. Brainard Lake Recreation Area - Ward, CO



Distance from Denver:About an hour and forty-five minutes

Best used from July to October

Why I love it:A hop, skip and a jump away from Boulder lies this amazing camping and recreation area that still remains one of my favorite hikes in Colorado. Hike from Brainard Lake to Lost Lake to Isabelle Lake amongst tall Aspen and Evergreen trees and you will be rewarded with woodsy views and a solid leg workout. Isabelle Lake is simply breathtaking, situated at an elevation of just under 11,000 feet. In the summer, wildflowers are abound, dotting the path to and around each lake you explore. Wildlife is also a guarantee, as moose and deer love to roam this area as well. Bring plenty of water and be prepared for quick and unpredictable weather change at this high altitude.


4. Bear Lake Loop in Rocky Mountain National Park - Estes Park, CO



Distance from Denver:About 2 hours

Best used from June to September

Why I love it:Beautiful open spaces and breath-taking mountains at every turn. That could be anywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park, but the Bear Lake loop includes four more lakes as well that makes it a trail you can’t pass up when visiting the park. Great for all skill levels, follow the trail up winding mountain cliff slides and stop along the way at several different lookout spots or cool off with a splash of water in the summer at the lakes. Wildlife is abundant in RMNP! Many deer, elk, reindeer (what?! That’s right!), moose and bears call this place home. The Bear Lake Loop is the perfect day hike and is a popular family-friendly favorite.




Every time I visit Rach we hike somewhere astounding. There are also the typical ones such as Red Rocks or Garden of the Gods, that I would still definitely reccomend a peak!!


Red Rocks Amphitheater :

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Garden of the Gods:


Needless to say, Colorado is a beautiful state and is worth exploring!

Thanks, Rachel!

Rachel is a functional nutritionist and has a beautiful website:

Much love,