Self-Love Challenge: Week 13: Learn to Fully Accept Yourself






As this Self-Love Challenge comes to a close, I hope you remember that it is a life long journey.


Your goals and aspirations should adapt as you learn and grow as a person.


Every week of this challenge is equally important.Go back and re-read some weeks. Take notes if you didn’t before and really try to take action. Put the activities and goals into practice and continue to do so until they become comfortable.


This week is all about letting go and being authentically YOU.


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First things first, take out your journal and write down who you are.


Is it different from who you said you were at the beginning of this challenge?


What would you like to continue improving on?


The first step to growth is awareness.


I want to point out that not every day is going to be a good day in this process of becoming the best version of yourself, and that’s okay!


It’s okay not to be okay. Remember that.


On rough days strive to find the lesson you are being shown. Sometimes the lesson is easier to see than at other times, but keep looking.


Every day, good or not so good, show up for yourself. Tell yourself how much you love you and focus on all the great things you are.


Because let me tell you, you are SO dang wonderful.


Every week of this challenge takes hours upon hours of practice and perseverance, but if you want it, it’s already yours.


What you look for and have the energy for will become yours. That’s how this little world of ours works.


What you manifest will become.  Manifest magnificence.


Why did we ever start caring about people thought about us in the first place?


If there wasn’t that instilled within us then wouldn’t there be a world with a bunch of courageous weirdos? And wouldn’t that be so amazing??


Most of the time we humans are in our own head anyway. We get in our own way and expect the best to happen. Well, guess what? We have to step out of our own way in order for good things to happen! Stop overthinking it.


A lot of the answers we are searching for are in the way we approach the question. In other words, our mindset is everything. Change the way we perceive things and we can change our attitudes as well.


Positivity and an open mind are key here.


I always look back on “I’m really not that special” because it’s so true. Even if I think I made a mistake, people aren’t going to be talking about me 24/7. Everyone is too worried about what THEY do. Not what I do.


We’re all too wrapped up in our own world and what we post on social media and making sure we text the correct thing and so on and so on.


Well, I don’t believe there is a “correct” thing for everything. YOU DO YOU BOO BOO.


I say learn to fully accept yourself because you have to accept before you can love.


Be aware of how tremendous you are. Accept that you’re brilliant. And love the heck out of yourself.


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We all have something unique to offer and if we’re too afraid to show it then that’s rude of us. People deserve to see our greatness.Maybe it could help them out too.


Practice makes perfect, so if you have to start out pretending how confident you are, then that’s okay. It’ll start to come naturally eventually.


Keep a note somewhere acknowledging that where you are now is exactly where you need to be. You are doing wonderfully.


If you ever feel stuck, go back and reread the previous weeks of this challenge. It is not the cure-all, but it does contain many good steps to help get you where you would like to be.


The answers and rewards lie within you. Seek out greatness.

Surround yourself only with the people that will support you and lift you higherStay consistent with your daily rituals and routines. Remember to pamper yourself and show yourself some grace along the way.


Go out there and kick butt at this thing called life.


& be authentically YOU while you're at it.






You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It has altered my life for the better. If you buy one book from this challenge, buy this one. 




  1. Journal the differences between who you thought you were at the beginning of this challenge and who you feel like you are now.

  2. Look back through weeks 1-12 and see what you have learned from them and what you can improve on.

  3. Make sticky notes all around you saying “I love you” “you are doing wonderful” “you are beautiful” “you are brilliant” “you are strong and courageous” etc. Read and repeat them often.