Tips to Become a Flight Attendant

Tips to become a flight attendant: Interview Success


  • Create a professional, well-rounded resume

  • Have customer service related experiences

  • Ask yourself these questions before you apply: Are you a patient, caring, and compassionate person? Do you have a confident personality and a strong sense of leadership skills? Are you okay with up-and moving your entire life?

  • Practice your best smile and use it constantly

  • Always think classy and professional when it comes to attire: Simple black and white is always classic, but show your personality,If you’re a lady make sure your heels are 2-4 inches and if you wear a skirt or a dress than wear panty hose underneath.

  • Have a nice hair-do; make sure it is out of your face

  • Limit piercings and earrings, & tattoos will have to be covered

  • Practice the “power pose/stance” when you’re getting ready for your interview; it creates overwhelming confident energy.

  • Have an open mind, be adaptable, and face the fear of change head on.

  • Go to the interview with the mindset that you already have the job

  • Do not stress about your first airline interview. There will always be more airlines hiring at different times. You have a ton of opportunities! Everything is just more practice and experience.

  • Research the background of the airline company you are applying to, that way you can go into the interview with questions already in mind.

  • Be personable. Proactively reach out to shake hands and smile at your fellow interviewees. Start up conversations and small talk with the people around you and as soon as you met up for the face-to-face interview.


Know what you’re getting yourself in to:

The airline industry truly is “up in the air” (pun intended). Know that delays, cancellations, and reroutes DO happen. If you are not patient in these circumstances, it will make you frustrated. Stay positive as much as possible.

Customer service related jobs always require some sort of compassion and kindness. There will be times when people are traveling for difficult reasons and they will open up to you about it because they need someone to talk to. Just listen and be there for them the best that you can. We have to support each other!

Passengers can immediately tell which flight attendants are newer aka “fresh meat”. Just kidding, kinda. But, they will take advantage of you if you’re not confident in your abilities. Own that aisle.

After you apply, there will be either a phone and/or video interview. Make sure you have basic knowledge about the company contacting you and have customer service examples ready to go! Make sure to sound enthusiastic, believe in what you’re saying, let your personality shine through, and smile often! Also, RELAX, you’re going to do fantastic!

When you make it to the in-person interview, CONGRATS! This means that they saw a flight attendant in you! Take deep breaths, get ready early, and head to the interview site well prepared.

Pretend like you’re just introducing yourself to your coworkers (because you know you have this in the bag; your perfectly packed carry on bag, that is aka your new home). Be yourself, answer questions directly, and carry on fun conversations! Make it enjoyable!

Also, the MAJOR well-known question is: Will you be willing to move across the country within a couple of weeks? (or a question of some similar form). DO NOT HESITATE. JUST IMMEDIATELY SAY YES, OF COURSE! They are looking for adaptable people with nothing holding them back. Don’t be your own worst enemy during this process.

And finally, just remember to smile and be yourself!

Much love,