24 Hours in Portland, Oregon

24 Hours in Portland, Oregon: Summer Sunday

Oh, Portland. The trendy, hipster city. The OG of “keep it weird.“

With so much hype, what are you supposed to accomplish when passing through?

Well, I have been a few times on layovers and have found a couple faves that I will share with you.


I was lucky enough to enjoy Portland on a weekend where it was actually sunny out. Make sure to always carry a rain jacket or umbrella, just in case.

Honestly, start your day by sleeping in to a decent hour. Do not worry about waking up super early, here. You’ll need your energy for the rest of the day.

First things first, coffee. Normally what draws me into a new café is the aesthetic. When I’m people watching, drinking a latte, and blogging, I like to be cozy and comfortable. Initially, this is why I walked into “Heart”;a catchy and sleek little coffee shop. They have exposed brick, painted white, that I adored. The baristas were super friendly and chill to talk to. They answered all my questions about their coffee blends.


I ordered a latte with their homemade walnut-almond milk. OH MY GOODNESS. The mix between the walnut, almond, and coffee beans of their Stereo Blend was heavenly. Being a coffee addict, this is extremely difficult to achieve, but boy did they do it.


The earthier taste of the walnuts added to the almond milk was the perfect balance against the smooth notes of pear, almonds, and dark chocolate beans. Without a doubt one of the best latte’s I’ve ever tried, and let me tell you, I’ve tried a latte (hehe get it? Like a lot, but a latte). There are a ton of cute coffee shops to try in Portland, but I 10/10 recommendHeart Coffee.


Make sure to wander around the streets as you hop from one destination to the next, there is a ton of street art worth viewing. Whether it’s obvious or subtle, part of a storefront or on a random building, the art definitely adds a lot of character to this city. Be completely in Portland and enjoy every second of it.


Portland is also extremely compatible to the outdoorsy, surprise surprise. Many of the surrounding hotels offer free bike rentals. Lime scooter and street bike rentals are also accessible. So if you feel like going to dinner across town, don’t worry! Hop on one of those bad boys and enjoy the breeze.

During the summer, they have a “Skidmore Saturday and Sunday Market”. I was very thankful that I was able to experience this. The abundance of people exploring the market is overwhelming but inviting. That just means there are more people to smile at and talk to! Plus, the market offers a little bit for everyone.


There are a ton of local vendors (#supportlocal). They have everything from kettle corn, jewelry, art, hats, and handbags to a sculpture of your face on a gnome. I saw this and immediately thought it would be a good gift idea for a significant other, or heck even a crush, that way they can see your face and know you’re always thinking of them (I swear I’m not creepy…..).

On a more serious note though, Portland Leather Company is legit. Here’s a little secret: the market is their most discounted location! They have leather journals, handbags, luggage bags, toiletry bags, and more. Plus, the salesman was very genuine (like the leather) and is willing to work with you on the prices to a reasonable amount.


A few other things caught my attention, “The Grate Plate” and a flower shop. The Grate Plate consists of a handmade ceramic dish that has grooves to perfectly grate ginger, garlic, peppers, etc. I love to cook and this blew me away. It’s a 3-piece set that peels, grates, and brushes the entity of the product together in a perfect little pile. I use this little gem all the time; SO worth it.

The next thing I want to share is the flower shop. They had the most splendid array of tropical flowers with dainty fillers, such as baby’s breath. Want to know what the best part was? THE BOUQUETS WERE ONLY $10!!! Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong locations all these years, but I have never seen such flourishing flowers for that steal of a price. Flowers are such attractive vegetation. Our Earth is so blessed. They really do brighten up your day. So, if you’re in the area and want to add some color to your house, make a dear one’s day, or even put a smile on a stranger’s face, head to the market and buy all the bundles. These are high quality blooms, my friends (you are even able to create the bouquet yourself, picking out all of your favorites).


If you end up being at the market for a few hours like I was, and your stomach starts growling at you, they have a food court with the best of the best selections. They offer pretzels, thai food, indian food, greek food, soup, burgers, and many more. I was really craving Indian so I ordered chicken tikka and it absolutely did not disappoint.

The last thing I’m going to offer up today is Powell’s Books. Hyped up, but for a valid reason. I have to take a gander every time I’m in Portland. It’s a color-coded 4-story bookstore of almost every book you can imagine, new and used.


One of my favorite aspects is that the staff offers staff picks all over and reasons why those books are worth it. Also, if the book is used and wrote on it’s always cheaper and has way more character. Personally, I feel swept away into another universe. You just might have to look past the thousands of other people besides you. Side note, you may get lost so be careful.

Even if you’re not an avid bookworm I would still suggest taking a look around, it truly is mesmerizing. Then you can head downstairs to the café and people watch the streets of Portland.

At this point I finished walking around and head back to my room for bed. However, if you don’t have to work the following day try out the local breweries. I have tried Burnside Brewery before and ordered the Lime Kolsch brewski. LOVED IT. There are too many brews to try during one trip, so pick one out of a hat and go for it.

Needless to say, Portland, Oregon is perfectly unique and filled with many delicious coffee shops, cafes, brunch places, restaurants, bakeries (I’m looking at you, VooDoo), and breweries. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be something new to try, so make the most of it.

And don’t forget to KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD, man.

Much Love,