Airlines and First World Problems

Airlines and First World Problems

Things Passengers Get Mad about at 35,000 feet:

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-Having to check their carry on

*The carry-on baggage information is very cut and dry. 20 pounds or less, must fit in the size-r, and one in the overhead with one under your seat. I KNOW YOU KNOW THE RULES. Why you gotta play me like that?

*Also, carry-ons are first-come-first-serve. Please try not to get upset at me if there is no room left when you’re one of the last people on the aircraft. I am not going to remove anyone’s bag for you.


*Delays are bound to happen, expect them. Especially during storms or high-time travel months.

*We cannot control the delays.Most of the time they are due to air traffic congestion, problematic weather, and maintenance issues. It is for your safety that you do not fly in these conditions. Why get mad over risking your life? If you get that mad over every. little. thing. in life, then you should look in to someCBD hemp oil.

-Connecting flights

*I understand how traveling can be a pain sometimes, but I can promise you that majority of passengers on the plane have to catch a connecting flight. Flight attendants will try to help you the best we can, but all we can do is check your gate information and if the next flight is on time or not. We do not have any ability to contact anyone on the ground about your next flight. "Uhhh yes, testing 1, 2, 3, Captain rows 15-37 have connecting flights so I need you to hold all the planes on the ground for them, over, roger that."

*The whole air traffic system can not completely stop just for you. There will be people in the terminal that can help you re-book your flight.

-In-operative Wi-fi

*Dude, we’re in a pressurized tube, flying through clouds at 500mphand you’re complaining about not being able to use your phone? Hmmm. Instead maybe you could journal, read, or heck, talk to the person next to you.

-Not having their first-choice meal

*I understand if you seriously have a concerning dietary restriction. However, if you do have a life-altering diet, maybe consider packing your own food. Because, even if the airline actually boarded your gluten-free, vegetarian, non-dairy, keto meal, it is still going to be full of sodium and preservativesand I do not recommend eating it if you have that many restrictions.

*I honestly just wouldn’t recommend eating it no matter who you are, unless it’s a flight over 3 hours and you really are starving.

-Not being able to use the bathroom as we’re TAKING OFF or LANDING. (& yes, the plane is at a significant angle and the wheels are still down).

*This one never fails to make me scoff a little. Why, just why?

*During the takeoff process we are going from unpressurized to a pressurized cabin, we’re dramatically increasing speeds, and gravity is just really pulling at you to sit. Why are you going to mess with gravity like that?Gravity is trying to talk to you. PLUS, you had plenty of time in the terminalto use the bathroom, why now?

*During landing just doesn’t make any sense, but yet, it never fails to happen. You had the entire flightto use the restroom, what makes it seem like a good idea to get up now?

*We literally just went through the cabin to do oursafety checksto specifically MAKE SURE YOU’RE IN YOUR SEAT WITH YOUR SEAT BELT FASTENED.

*If you must throw up, we have kindly provided an airsickness bagin the seatback pocket in front of you for this specific reason.

-Only having pretzels instead of peanuts

*No comment

-Not having flavored sparkling water, guava juice, grapefruit juice, margaritas, coconut milk, etc.

*Please just order water

-Only having Prosecco and not real champagne and/or only one type of red or white wine

*Prosecco still has all the bubbles and fizzes

*As for the wine selections we’re not a liquor store, we’re a plane. Have you seen our office lately?


-Having too much ice or not any at all

*As a passenger, maybe you don't realize how many people we're actually servingin a short amount of time. I will typically put ice in almost everything except juices unless you tell me otherwise.

*I always try to ask if you would like ice or not, but sometimes it's been a long day and I forget. Please don't yell at me for forgettingto make your drink as cold as your heart.

-Not having coffee the way they want it

*I ALWAYS ask how you take your coffee.

*If you say black, and I hand you a cup of JUST coffee and you look at me like I'm crazy because I didn't hand you cream or sugar, that's not my fault.

*OHHHHH blackkkkk, WITH cream and sugar. Got it. Makes total sense now.

-Not being able to have an empty seat next to them/ use two seats

*I get it, airplanes are all squishy, but unless you paid for bothseats, I don’t wanna hear about it.

-Not recieving free things

*Don't get me wrong, if something is truly not going well I will be nice and offer you a few things. But, EXPECTING to receive everything for free(T.V., Wi-Fi, snacks, food, alcohol, upgrades, etc) and being mad because you have to pay for it is just ridiculous.

*If you go to a shopping mall do you walk in expecting the staff to let you walk out of the store with whatever you want? Come on, now.


Things Flight Attendants Get Mad about at 35,000 feet:

-The plane being so narrow

*Our galleys are tinyand the aisles are almost non-existent. We’re always on top of people.

*I have a 27inch waist and I still am constantly bumping into people

-Pouring diet Coke

*Let me make sure I have this correctly; you want diet coke WITH ice? I’ll have it to you by the end of the flight.

*I guess the sky really just wants to constantly celebrate, because fizzy drinks (including plain seltzer water) seem to explode like I’m popping champagnewhen I open them. Not to mention that after pouring one drop of liquid in the cup, the rest is foam.

-Passengers complaining about inoperative Wi-Fi and/or not having T.V.’s at their seat

*It happens on almost every other flight, so I’m sorry if I seem like I do not care, but I’m desensitized to it now.

*Read, write, or talk to your neighbor. This flight isn’t going to last forever, this is not the end of the world. Start expecting the entertainment not to work and it’ll be a nice surprise when it does.

-Wheel chairs and Assistants not being ready after landing

*I will gladly take care of the customers, but when a passenger is trying to catch a connecting flight or sincerely needs assistance moving around the terminal, it’s not fair to have them sitting and waiting for an absurd amount of time.

-When people tell us what to do/ demand something from us

*For example, “The Wi-Fi doesn’t work so you should give us free TV” doesn’t sound too rude until you hear how it was demanded.Not even asked, or sarcastically joked around, just pure disrespect. I’m sorry, but I am not going to feel bad when a grown man throws a tantrum like a baby because he didn’t get his way.

*If you ask me like I’m a respectable humanI will be compassionate with you.

-When passengers try to get up to use the bathroom during moderate turbulence or takeoff/landing

*Just sit down. It’s not safe, and never will be safe.

*This is not your time to run to the bathroom because there is no line; you are risking your life.

-Passengers keeping their headphones in at all times, even when being spoken to

*You know we’re going to ask you if you would like a beverage or snack, why have me try to get your attentionand then look at me like I’m the rude one.

*Not acknowledging anyone when they're trying to communicate with you is just outright disrespectful. A plane is still a public place, manners shouldn't fly out the window.

-Handing us dirty diapers

*It seems like common sense not to hand a soiled diaper to someone trying to serve you food and drinks.

*This happens way more than one would think

*Just don’t do it, I will tell you to go to the bathroom and throw it away

-Handing us trash consistently throughout service/flight

*Yes, my job does require me to pick up after you, but at certain times; flight attendants are not servants.

*I AM NOT A HUMAN TRASH RECEPTICLE. I will not touch your slimy tissues and poo-pooed diapers.

*While I am touching fresh food or pouring you a drink is notthe time to hand me your garbage.

I know it sounds like I hate my job, but I actually LOVE it. Being a flight attendant is just dandy. It just gets comical after a while from the consistency of upset passengers. It's almost like they think they're the first ones to ever complain about it. Get in line, Susan.

If you have me as your flight attendant, don't be scared, I'll be nice.

At first. (;

Much love,