Edinburgh in 24 Hours

Edinburgh in 24 Hours


Ahhhhh, Edinburgh.

It’s such a quaint Scottish town.

The people are friendly and there are many places to see and things to do; what more could you ask for?!




Wake up early and start your day by walking around the city:


Breathe in the fresh air and take in the fascinating architecture.  It’s a very accessible town to walk around. Also by walking, you get your bearings and have a sense of what you would like to do for the rest of the day.



Do your research in a cute café:


Find a cute coffee/tea shop to sit in, become caffeinated, and begin organizing the rest of your day.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can find the café J.K. Rowling would sit in and be inspired to write these books. There are many sites from the movies that you can stumble upon, such as Diagon Alley.


Needless to say, the dawn light shines on this city and makes for a perfect, relaxing morning.



Arthur’s Seat Hike:


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Next, if you enjoy the outdoors, I 100% recommend hiking, Arthur’s Seat. Spare at least 1-3hours based on your pace for this hike. It is an actual hike. Your legs will start to burn from all of the steep hills and rocks. There are so many entrance points to Arthur’s Seat, so find one and get to hiking.

The scenery is mesmerizing as you make your way up the hillsides. It is much more awe-inspiring than I was expecting. If you’re wondering if you should include this tiring venture into your day, it is a resounding YES.


Once you reach the top, be prepared to climb up some steeper rocks to a very windy point. Make sure you have a good grip on your camera and your core activated so you do not lose either one.


It’s truly breathtaking (figuratively and literally as you’re being blown all over the place).

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If this seems like something you would like to dedicate more time to, bring a picnic lunch and find a spot among the hike to sit and enjoy it.

Calton Hill:


If hiking isn’t your jam and/or you do not wish to spend that much time hiking on your only day in this mysterious city, then head over to Calton Hill.

ED72A8AF-ADC5-485C-A610-DE46658A965A 2.jpg

It is a short walk from the Royal Mile, up a few stairs, and then you can view most of the city.


You can walk around and view all vantage points on Calton Hill. You will be able to see the ocean, the side of Arthur’s seat, and most of the city. There are many places to take pictures or just sit and relax.


This is the option I took on my first trip to Edinburgh and I loved it! It is definitely worth seeing. But after doing both this hill and Arthur’s Seat I lean more towards recommending Arthur’s Seat more.


But hey, do whatever tickles your fancy.


Walk up the Royal Mile to the Castle:


If you didn’t already do so during your morning stroll, head over towards the castle. As you walk up the Royal Mile you will pass a ton of cafes, whiskey bars, and restaurants. There will also be quite a bit of entertainment.

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There will be Scottish men playing bagpipes in traditional kilts. As well as harp and flute players, and people dressed in costumes to take pictures with.


Take advantage of all of these opportunities. They will make amazing memories one day.


On your way to the castle, I recommend grabbing lunch or dinner at an Indian restaurant. The Scottish cuisine is good and worth trying for breakfast, however I find the Indian food to be the most satisfying in the U.K. If you’re looking for something more along the lines of “grab-and-go” Marks and Spencers grocery store always has delicious, and semi-healthy options.

Once you arrive at the castle, you can either just walk around it or purchase a ticket to go inside. I personally have never made it inside because I would rather spend most of my time outdoors, but I hear it is nothing short of lovely.


Go shopping:


Parallel to the Royal Mile is an entire street full of stores to spend your entire life savings in.


There is Primark, TopShop, H&M, T.K. Maxx (the U.K. T.J. Maxx), beauty/cosmetic stores, hiking/camping stores, shoe stores, Marks & Spencers, cute/cheap card stores, North Face, Under Armor, and many, many more.


If you feel like treating yo-self, do not hold back. Edinburgh is the perfect place to do so.


Visit a Whiskey Bar:


When dusk falls and you’re feeling a little thirsty, do not worry. Edinburgh has got you covered.

Nearly every other place on the street is a whiskey bar. If you venture inside and view the menu, you will notice that there are just hundreds of whiskey options.

I typically do not drink whiskey, so I always make sure to ask what beer is the waiters’ favorite. That tactic has not failed me yet.

Many of the bars hold local musicians in the evening, It is a blast to bar hop just purely to feel out the vibes of the different places.


Go on a late night ghost tour:


The ghost tours do not begin until nightfall. But, DUHHH they have to start in the dark to scare you!

The tour guides take you through underground passageways around the city.

Apparently Edinburgh was built upon a burial ground. So, if you’re not one to find scary things appealing, then make sure you go on a tour after you bar hopped a little bit.

Muahahaha. Spooky.


Other things to do:


-Edinburgh is also home to many art museums that hold pieces of Caravaggio’s darker paintings and many more famous artists.

-If you have longer than a day to spend, why not take one of the Loch Ness tour busses. This is a little further away and will take an entire day, but the prices are very reasonable!




I have a soft spot for Edinburgh! I think it is a beautiful and clean city for the U.K.! I have never had a bad experience here, and I highly recommend going!

Much love,