Venice in 24-48 Hours

Venice in 24 Hours


Venice, Italy is seriously a magical place. If you do not have much time to spend there, don’t fret. It is completely possible to see all of the greatest parts in a day.

It seems a bit cliché, like ooooh Venezia. But, it is SO WORTH IT. It immediately takes your breath away while also making you question life. You end up thinking about how people grew up with a “first boat” instead of a “first car”. How Italians ate quality, fresh food with no preservatives. How Italian children probably started drinking non-sulfate wine since they were seven. Then you end up in a deep conversation with a stranger next to you, because the magic is just in the air. You get the point. Italy is the

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First things first, fly into VCE aka Venice. From here you have three choices, you can take a taxi boat to one of the islands, take the train system, or take a bus into the heart of Venice. I chose the boat option because, well, Venice. We wanted to get the whole life-on-the-water experience from the get-go.

Murano hotel room view:


You may be thinking that hotel prices are going to suck your souls right out of you. THERE ARE CHEAP WAYS TO DO IT! My boyfriend and I never spent more than $90 on a hotel room. Splitting that, that’s only $45 each at the most. We used and and both of our hotel rooms had canal views.IT WAS SPECTACULAR. I could just look out my window and sing songs and have birds flutter in while people float in gondolas down the canal. It was like I was in a fairytale. You do nothave to be boujee to live it up. Unless you have the extra money to spend and that’s your style, then, by all means, go for it.

Venice hotel room view:

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We stayed for two nights just because it was a short weekend getaway and we weren’t backpacking Europe. If you only have one day you can definitely achieve everything necessary. Our first night we stayed on Murano, the glass-blowing island. It was really neat to see their style of artwork and wander around the old streets. If you’re here for longer than a day, why not take a glass-blowing class and learn something new?

The second night we stayed on the main island. Our view was incredible. I’m still in awe that we had the opportunity to stay there for such a low cost.

The Italian culture is just mesmerizing.They are so community-oriented and have a deep-rooted love for family and friends. It is truly beautiful to witness.

We took another water taxi to the main island of Venezia and got lost among the streets. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. To go from a populated and noisy area and immediately find yourself in silence, encased in raw beauty was something I do not even think I can put into words; you really just have to experience it for yourself. Obviously, you’re going to be taking some pictures for memories sake. However, when you can, put away your phone and just take it all in. It is such a unique town; there is so much energy you can breathe in.

As for food, you have to taste it all. Try all the pizza, pasta, mussels, bread, gelato, etc.We knew we were not staying for long so we wanted to eat as much as we possibly could. My first meal was classic penne pesto pasta and a glass of the house red. One of the most beloved ideals of this culture’s food is that you can get the basic of the basic and it will still taste phenomenal.


Another meal, we wanted to sit by the main canal to enjoy our food. Even though the restaurants directly on the canal are a bit more expensive, I would recommend trying it at least once. It was so nice to have some sun shining on us as we watched people in the gondola’s float by. Here we shared margarita pizza with olives and a batch of mussels. DELICIOUS. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  Of course, we had to eat as much gelato as we could! There really is nothing like true, Italian gelato. Each flavor I tried did not disappoint. However, my favorites to suggest are tiramisu, pistachio, and stracciatella (milk-based with chocolate shavings).

First time eating gelato, EVER (I had to capture the first bite)

Make sure to bring a friend that looks at you the way we look at gelato!

Every night we just roamed the streets finding a new treasure and watched the sunset.Venice is definitely one of a kind. To me, the best part was just the overwhelming feeling of bliss while I walked around with my best friend. It definitely is what you make it. You do not have to try to stress yourself out about doing everything, enjoy what you’re able to accomplish.

You may be wondering, Lo, why didn’t you ride in a gondola?

To be honest, I really thought I was going to. However, while I was there I felt completely satisfied watching others do it. My joy fell upon feeling the cool breeze wisp in through the buildings as I wandered around and soaked in the glory of the city.


If it’s something you cannot live without doing, that’s your choice. We were just trying to be as savvy as possible and made do without it.

Also, if you feel like adding more into your day, take another water taxi and head over to the city of Burano and enjoy the pops of colors on the buildings.